Founded in 2010 by Brijraj Vaghani and Ravi Khemani,Mumbai based startup Birds Eye Systems is home to two apps – Traffline and Ridlr. By connecting people, it creates communities to enhance the way people travel. By collecting information and dispensing it to those who need it.

Having worked with Qualcomm & Nextwave for half a decade Brijraj founded this firm along with Ravi Khemani. As a Key Industry Spokesperson, Brijraj has worked with the Traffic Police to state the condition of Traffic in Metro Cities and Transportation Industry.

As C.T.O. and Founder of Birds Eye Systems Private Limited, Ravi helps guide the evolving design and functionality of Traffline


Brijraj Vaghani


Ravi Khemani


Traffline, the traffic app, gives you directions and monitors  traffic conditions for others on the road at the same time. In  addition to helping drivers avoid roadblocks and diversions,  Traffline users discover interesting data around driving and  commuting that can in turn inspire cities to create better  infrastructures.

 Ridlr is a smart public transport app that can be used to save  time and stress, over using public facilities, such as bus, train,  metro and monorail. It factors in blocks and diversions & delays and cancellations when suggesting any mode of transport to you.

  The technology

Birds Eye Systems has a patented algorithm that captures live movement on the streets through GPS-installed probes.

Brijraj shares that the probes are vehicles or individuals on the road, traffic police of a particular city or public transport vehicles. Data is beamed through satellites in microseconds to their servers where it is crunched across parameters like congestion time and vehicular movement to come up with real-time information on a given traffic situation and how to avoid it.

The users get real-time updates of the best routes to travel, traffic jams to avoid, and road events to escape. They can estimate travel time from one point to another and check alternative routes to steer clear of potential traffic delays. They can also call the Traffline centre to get instant updates. The app also allows users to share traffic information and alternative routes with the user’s friends and family.

Traffline is available on multiple platforms with the Android and iOS versions of the app being available on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. The team had to work on getting commuters into the routine of checking out traffic conditions before getting out of their homes and offices. So they introduced a service that pushes relevant traffic updates to the user during pre-selected times on a daily basis.

Funding and investments

Much later, after some more research and planning the duo finalised their business plan and received funding from Qualcomm Ventures.

The startup was bootstrapped initially. Indian Angel Network made an angel investment of Rs 2 crores in Birds Eye Systems, and it also received seed stage funding from the Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE).

Future Plans

Birds Eye Systems offers its services in 12 cities and is soon planning to offer solutions for inter-city travel too. The company also plans to expand to 30 cities, including some outside the country, by the end of this calendar year.

The company’s products saw up to 2 million downloads last year. The team is expecting up to a 500 per cent increase in downloads in 2015, focusing primarily on consumer engagement and creating a hyperlocal platform for discovery and transaction.

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