The Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams- Eleanor Roosevelt

Most  people in the world have dreams-dreams about success, fame, love, a better life, a better future, so on and so forth, but very few have the courage and determination to pursue their dreams and see them succeed. Few have the courage to traverse the roads less traveled. The journey might be difficult, the situations unfair and it might seem all uphill, but the scene from the top is the most exhilarating and satisfying view one can ever ask for.
The above holds true for everything in life, including start-ups and business ideas. They all start the same way but only some make it to the top.

The reasons for choosing entrepreneurship might differ from person to person, but the most important ones are listed below:

  1. Ambition backed by opportunity:

The right opportunity is the one that knocks at your door at the right moment. This is what actually happened for Susan Strayer Lamotte. Susan Strayer Lamotte, a leader in talent acquisition and HR, says “doing great work. That’s the difference,” and this is what motivated us. “All the other stuff is gravy, but as an entrepreneur, I can decide what the work is like. What I get to do. And that’s the mecca for me.”

  1. Some people just can’t work under a boss and all they look for is Autonomy

Some people just can’t work under a boss and they are at their creative best while working as their own boss and carving their own path. They are born leaders and want to avoid the daily grate that comes along with a career that isn’t self-sustaining says Aron Schoenfeld, founder of and DreamArtists Studios, “Fear of failure is what motivates me to keep going. [I’m] scared of going back to corporate and being a robot again.”

  1. Freedom, and above all Freedom is what some people want

Being an entrepreneur means that you have the Freedom to choose your own path, your own goals and your own milestones, and that is precisely what inspires most of the entrepreneurs. Aaron Pitman, president and founder of API Domain Investments, agrees. “Freedom is my driver,” he says. “I always wanted to be able to call my own shots, be in charge of my destiny, and have the ability to set my own life.”

  1. Causes that affect the society as a whole

Passion towards a social cause is a driving force for many to get into an entrepreneurial venture. There are bigger societal issues driving their work. “For me, it’s also about an alignment of story,” says Josh Allan Dykstra, a consultant, author, and speaker. “As entrepreneurs, we are always analyzing the state of the world, examining the larger stories that are playing out on a macro/global level. While we strive to make sense of these big-picture stories, we are also searching for the places our personal strengths and passions can make a larger impact on the world. We make the most difference when we find where the intersection point of the thing that makes us feel alive also lines up with the bigger story, allowing us to improve society in some meaningful way.”

  1. The power to impact the end result Impact

Being part of the journey is great but being part of the outcome is even bigger.  Some people are just driven by that. Justin Beegel, founder and president of Infographic World, explains: “[I love] knowing every action [I] take truly has a direct impact on the outcome of the business. When you’re an employee…what you do has limited impact. When you’re running the company, each and every thing you do can make or break it.”

  1. Being able to spend time with Family

Some people take up entrepreneurship just because this gives them the freedom to spend quality time with their families, and setting up an entrepreneurial venture helps them do just that. Ari R. Meisel, an entrepreneur, author, inventor, and triathlete, says what drives him to entrepreneurial work is simple: “[I love] being able to spend as much time with my family as possible.”

  1. Change is the essence of life

Monotony in a job is what makes people look around for entrepreneurial opportunities. Hence, change is what some people look for. Trace Cohen, founder and president of, says what drives him is seeing change. “My current and previous company have all been about providing value to our users to enhance what they are currently doing to either make it better or more efficient.”

  1. Leaving a Legacy

There are entrepreneurs who want to build a legacy for generations to come and that is what motivates them to take up a venture. Both Dave Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Media, and Lewis Howes, lifestyle entrepreneur, noted that leaving a personal legacy is a huge motivator in their decision to do entrepreneurial work.

  1. Accomplishing a long sought after dream

Accomplishments are  the driving force for many entrepreneurs as this is what satisfies them the most. “That is what truly makes people happy, a sense of accomplishment,” says Pablo Palatnik, CEO at “That’s why I do what I do every day, to accomplish my goals, and that [means]building a successful company.”

  1. Being in control of the situation

People are driven by the sense of security that comes with being in full control of their work. Joey Ricard says control of his own destiny–“or as some people like to call it, security”–drives his entrepreneurial efforts.

The above listed are only a few reasons that can drive a person towards setting up a venture. People can have their own personal reasons and some might differ from the enlisted ones.

The reasons might differ and at the same time a lot of us feel the same way but end up doing nothing to change it. Just because you have never done anything exceptional does not mean you don’t have it in you. Being average in all other fields has worked well for many once they find their true passion.

Below mentioned are people who dropped out to do what they did and did it really well:

Although there are a few things that to keep in mind in order to make your venture a success:


We have tried to compile a few examples about how some very successful startups came into existence:





A journey of a thousand miles always begins with a single step, and it is never too late to take that first step, that first chance, and that first opportunity. You never know where the flow may take you, so keep trying and have faith in your dreams.


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