Founded in 2014 by Harsh Gupta, Fratmart, a Noida based startup is trying to cater to every college student’s problem regarding books. Fratmart provides a platform where college students can sell or buy used course books and other academic accessories in their own campus. Students from different colleges of various universities can sign up on the website to sell or buy books and other academic related products.

“A user registered on our website with the name Osama Bin Laden, and put up an AK-47 for sale! Thank God we moderate all our ads,” laughs Harsh Gupta, who has founded Fratmart, a college community-based marketplace for peer-to-peer sharing, buying and selling.


The fact that students from around 320 colleges across the country are posting ads on this college-specific classifieds portal reassures him that his idea has struck a chord within a huge chunk of the college-going population.

A few years ago, Harsh was a college student himself, and he realized that there was something common about the end of every semester.

“Just like other engineering students, after every semester exam, I was always submerged in a pile of books that I was never going look at again. Selling these to baniyas [traders]involved losing a lot of money; they would then sell them at much higher prices,” he said.

Tired of bargaining with baniyas, who bought old books at 30 to 40 percent of their value and sold them at 60 percent of their cost, Harsh realized that he could just build a platform to avoid such middlemen.

“Every college student will have a corresponding junior, so there was no way money would be wasted on buying extras. So I decided to tap into this obvious and assured market,” added Harsh.

Harsh Gupta, the Founder, believes Fratmart is much more than just a C2C marketplace, “We’re trying to solve a genuine problem in the life of college students. Fratmart will not only help students earn and save money on books, but will hopefully herald a new culture in the higher education sphere. The concept of buying and selling used goods is quite prevalent in universities across North America and Europe, and we are trying to kick start the same here in India.”

This is how it works:


 Post a Free Ad on your college marketplace to sell used books, novels, drafters etc. or to find flat/flatmates, arrange carpools.

Your college peers interested in your Ad will message you using our in-built chat.
 Meet the person (your college peer/junior/senior) inside the campus to complete the deal.
Who is it competing with?
Local booksellers who deal in used books are their biggest competitors but since they are dis-organised and the pricing is at their own discretion. Moreover, they are not always conveniently located. They also compete with companies like OLX and Quikr, but in this case users can buy or sell almost everythings and it’s a city based model. NoteMyBook is not an online marketplace, however they have an intern in every college who acts as a middleman who buys used books from students and sells them to other students. Whereas, Student Desk focuses only on novels and recreational books and also it is not college based model.

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