Finding right people is one of the challenging job for all founders. Every type of startup have their share of startup recruitment challenges. Every founder realises that its important for them to assemble right set of people during the early stages of the startup. There are few mistakes founders with mo hiring experience make:


1. Hiring a False Positive Candidate

  • The false positives are people who fits the selection criteria perfectly.
  • Their overall behaviour, personality and Communication comes across as an ideal candidate.
  • There may be situation where the candidate has mastered the art of researching about you and behave as you desire.
  • Eventually the candidate might not be as good when it comes during the execution or handling challenging tasks and hi hiring the candidate might be a big mistake.
  • As an interviewer you should not ask definite set of questions and and go as per the answers but should dig into deeper to know the actual attitude of the person.
  • The candidates track record should also be taken a look at and should be transparent.
  • Also, doing a 7-10 days trial period also works great to judge a person on the job.

2. Rejecting False Negative Candidate

  • This is opposite of false positive, where sometimes the person doesn’t fit the bill, but eventually is a good prospect when it comes to the actual execution and learning each day.
  • Standing out in the startup world is not about doing bigger things but doing small things differently, and that includes hiring false negative person.
  • The hiring of candidate actually is based on “Intuition” as hiring them is not based on any logic.


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