In this world of competition, getting work experience has been the most important priority of the aspiring students. Internships provides the work experience for helping you to get a step closer to the dream job.

There is a new trend which is making headlines every day. Ask a youngster and she/he will be more keen on learning from bottom up than joining a big corporate and the perks that it will bring.


According to Archita Misra, a second year Economics Honors student at St. Stephens College in Delhi University

“What really worked for me is their unique vibrancy of their ideas and that they treat me as an equal. They take my opinions into account as much as they would of someone who is not an intern probably and that’s what appealed to me. My ideas were valued.”

Startups are too keen on hiring young college students as interns. This year, Flipkart has doubled its intern intake to 300, Snapdeal has taken in 60 compared to 10 last year and Healthcare app Practo has hired 35 interns against 5 in 2014.

Suchi Mukherjee, CEO and co-founder of LimeRoad, says,

“There’s nothing more interesting than having fresh new ideas and really young kids who are untouched by what has already happened. Students who say ‘I want to do something which is going to be so interesting and so cutting edge, that when I put it on my CV, it becomes clear that wow you did that in just 8 weeks’.”

There are other benefits that the startups are able to provide like the flexible working hours, work from home options with the help of technology and works great for the students.


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