Travel Online Marketplace ixigo has launched a PNR prediction features for the train travellers. With over 1.5 million monthly active users, ‘ixigo trains & hotels’, will now get PNR confirmation predictions in addition to the market-leading information, search & planning tools for train travellers.

For any train waiting-list status, ixigo is now able to show the near-accurate probability with which the ticket will confirm so that travellers may decide whether or not to book a waitlisted ticket. This will solve the problem of getting confirmation whether the ticket will be confirmed.


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Ixigo has mined data from over 10 million PNRs over the last two years.

Talking about the new feature, Rajnish Kumar, Co­-founder & CTO said,

ixigo has always believed in simplifying the lives of travelers and one of the pain areas we wished to solve was to make it easier for train travelers to decide whether they should book a waitlisted seat / berth on a train or not. Over 50,000 PNR status checks and nearly 200,000 train information requests are done on our app every day. This was an interesting big data project and we are happy with the outcome. Our machine learning algorithms will keep improving the accuracy of the system with every new train PNR tracked inside our apps. We expect to go from the current 90% accuracy to 95% accuracy pretty quickly.

Besides PNR prediction, ixigo’s trains and hotels app already incorporates several innovative features such as budget hotel bookings, cab bookings, packages, station alarms, platform numbers and coach positions of trains.

Besides ixigo, ConfirmTkt and Trainman predict the probability of confirmation on waitlist railway ticket. Recently, Confirmtkt had secured an angel round from Pravin Agarwala among other angels. ConfirmTkt predicts chances of train ticket confirmation based on historical trends. These predictions help users assess risks of booking a wait-listed ticket and plan the trip accordingly.


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