The startup JoyByNature was founded in January 2014 by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) grads Shailesh Mehta and Rahul Kumar. Both had recently become fathers and were averse to exposing their daughters to any products that had chemicals in them. However, the founders couldn’t find any place that curated these products to their satisfaction.That prompted them to start Joybynature. Earlier, Kumar was working with fashion estore Yepme, Mehta was with media firm India Today. aims to make accessible some revolutionary natural products that will significantly enhance your well-being and the quality of your day-to-day life.  This could be through products related to:

Household cleanliness – making your household free of all unwanted flies, mosquitoes etc leaving it healthier
Personal care – ensuring that your hair, skin, eyes etc glow at their very best, leaving you feel fragrant all day long
Foodstuff – that would make you feel as perfect internally as you would externally through our personal care products
Books – that would elevate your appreciation of self, and help you gain better control of your being

So far, the two-year-old startup claims to have serviced 50,000 orders. It registered gross merchandise value sales of US$267,000 last financial year.

It announced today that it secured a pre series A funding of US$1 million led by Mumbai Angels and Contrarian Vriddhi Fund along with other individual investors. Hero Group’s Abhimanyu Munjal and Mothersons Sumi Group’s Vaaman Sehgal of Mumbai Angels participated in this round.

Somak Ghosh, managing partner of Contrarian Vriddhi Fund said that a shift in consumers’ mindset towards organic and natural products, consumers’ willingness to transact online, and a solid team was the rationale behind the investment. “We like the team and the work they have done so far with farmer-producer firms of organic and natural products,” he says.

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