Based on Locowise Report, Facebook Organic Posts reaches between 0.2 – 2.6% audience.

6 Marketing Strategies for yielding better results as an alternative to declining Facebook marketing.

1. Time and Frequency of Posting –
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  • Organic Reach for the Videos – 8.7%
  • Status Update Posts – 5.8%
  • Link Posts – 5.3%
  • Image Posts – 3.7%
  • There is 18% higher engagement on Thursday and Friday
  • Posting between 9am and 7am yields better results.
  • There should be a balance between relevance and informative.

2. Explore other Social Networks –

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  • Explore the following platforms for better results –
    • Vine – Viral Video Marketing
    • Snapchat –  Teenagers and millennial
    • Pinterest – Effective for B2C (better for Fashion, Food, Entertainment)
    • Tumblr
    • Twitter – Effective for B2C (better for Fashion, Food, Entertainment)
    • Instagram – Effective for B2C (better for Fashion, Food, Entertainment)
    • Linkedin – Reaching out to Professional Audience
    • SlideShare – Reaching out to Professional Audience
    • Youtube – Viral Video Marketing

3. Content Syndication –

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  • Content Syndication helps by allowing other websites to post this content and links to the same on their own website.
  • Better for increasing traffic to company blogs
  • The promotion is displayed as “related posts” or “similar articles”
  • Benefits of Content Syndication –
    • Allows one to post links for existing articles on multiple websites.
    • Syndicate an evergreen article on high authority websites to drive additional viewership.
    • Expands Online Footprint
  • Platform Includes –

4. Leverage Social Data –

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  • Brands have now started collecting audience information like the contact details and e-mails which helps them to interact with customers directly.

5. Paid Facebook Advertisement –

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  • Increase the number of Likes
  • Increase the reach of posts
  • Increase the App Downloads
  • Increase the traffic to the website
  • Less expensive as compared to Google AdWords

6. Promote Posts on Viral Websites –

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  • Partner with Third party websites to create engaging videos.
  • Platform Includes-
    • BuzzFeed
    • EliteDaily

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