There has been big focus on the Early Stage Consumers, and we believe that this will continue to grow in the near future. Also SaaS Startups are the other one which also is drawing lot of attention.



Orios Venture Partners has announced its new, $150M fund, Orios Venture Partners Fund-II. The focus will continue to be on seed and early Series A investments in online consumer and software product companies.

“For 2015 we have identified that large opportunities exist in Fintech, B2B Commerce, Used Merchandise and Affordable Products for the middle class,”

Some of the startups which were invested by Orios Venture Partners since 2013 (about 20 startups) –

  • online lingerie brand Pretty Secrets
  • beauty appointment booking app Ziffi
  • on-demand home services company TaskBob
  • internet first daily affordable meal delivery company Yumist
  • budget accomodation provider Zo Rooms
  • enterprise productivity software company Sapience
  • cloud data integration platform Zapstitch

Orios Venture Partners Fund-II has been devised to build a larger portfolio of approx. 25 seed companies and another 6 to 8 Series A/B companies and the fund intends to keep significant follow-on capital for multiple rounds into growing companies.

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