Snapdeal has launched Shopo, a zero commissions marketplace app, where buying and selling products is routed through a chat interface. The company claims just about anyone with a smartphone can become a seller on Shopo as registering and listing is simplified and everything else happens through chat (note: Snapdeal earlier acquired Chennai based handicraft marketplace Shopo).


Shopo enables location-based selling with users being able to buy and sell products across 14 categories within their locality. Buyers will be able to chat, bargain and buy directly from sellers while all a user has to do to sell a product is snap a picture of it and list it.

Further, users will be able to setup their own stores within Shopo and can even share their listings through WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms to market their products.


Snapdeal claims Shopo will democratise selling as anyone can list products on its platform. Sellers will benefit from zero commission, don’t have to submit any documents in order to begin selling on the platform, can request feedback and ratings from buyers.

The platform can be of great benefit to small businesses and even independent entrepreneurs who currently need to build proprietary online solutions or tie up with a marketplace and gain visibility but also lose a chunk of their earnings.

Shopo is available on for Android and iOS devices, but isn’t present on the web.

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