The Taxi market has seen lot of traction especially in year 2015. It is a space which has huge potential and has a very promising future ahead. It is forecasted to grow around 20% annually. It is currently unorganised and with only 4-6% having some organised structure. Here are the top 5 startup’s which are ahead in this space –


1. Ola


Founder – Ankit Bhati and Bhavish Aggarwal

Founded – 2010

Valuation – USD 676.8 million

Website –



Founder – Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp

Founded – 2009

Valuation – USD 5.9 billion

Website –

3. Meru Cabs


Founder – Neeraj Gupta

Founded – 2007

Valuation – USD 50 million

Website –

4. Savaari


Founder – Gourav Aggarwal

Founded – 2006

Valuation – USD 28 million

Website –

5. Taxi For Sure


Founder – Raghunandan G and Aprameya Radhakrishna

Founded – 2011

Valuation – USD 44 million

Website –

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