TiE Sponsors and Charter Members offer capital and access to advice and networks to early stage companies.TiE’s newest program, TiE Angels, was launched in July 2010. It is an angel investment group formed by Charter Members of TiE Silicon Valley. The mission of TiE Angels is to support top-tier emerging companies with early stage investment and support. There are about 100 investors that invest through TiE Angels and TiE Angels have already made investments in 24 companies so far.

The Hyderabad chapter of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) will hold its flagship event ‘SmashUp’ for early-stage startups to enable them to learn the art of building successful ventures from mentors and inspirational successful entrepreneurs, in Hyderabad on August 8. The one-day event will also haveStartup Heroes, an instant funding platform.

Over 100 startups from both information technology (IT) and non-technical areas have already applied to participate in this funding event. Around 10 selected startups will get an opportunity to pitch to the angel investors who would invest Rs 15 lakh for pre-defined equity. The participating startups will be mentored in a boot camp by successful entrepreneurs.


“TiE’s SmashUp has been a fantastic platform for enabling the early-stage startups to get funding, scale up and grow. The success of the last edition wherein five out of 10 startups pitching received funding interest from investors is a testimony to the quality of enterprising startups we have in Hyderabad,” Safir Adeni, president, TiE-Hyderabad, and managing partner at Ineda Venture Group, said in a media release.

This for sure will be a great platform for the newbies to showcase their talent and have the necessary working capital raised for their ambitious projects.

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