It’s every bike lover’s dream to ride a luxurious cruiser like a Triumph or the ultimate Harley Davidson motorcycle in India today. These powerful machines have known to be the object of fantasy for anyone who really likes bikes and riding be it in the city or on cross-country trips. However, getting our hands on one of these luxury bikes is not really easy for us in India as it is in the western countries where all you need to do is produce some documents, pay and you are all set with your dream bike date for the day! Well, three friends from Bangalore are looking to bring precisely that, in Bengaluru, India!

How many times have you felt the need to own a bike for those weekend trips in Bangalore? Coming from Goa, where one can hire a bike for a day, enjoy the Goan picturesque beaches at your own convenience, it’s been difficult for me to enjoy weekend trips here in Bangalore.

Varun Agni, a Post Graduate in Telecommunications from Maryland,Vivekanand HR a Chartered Accountant and Anil G, a Cost & Works Accountant faced the same problem, too.

The idea for Wicked Ride came from their shared dream of working on innovative ideas. They’d already been working on developing business software and mobile applications. But, the craze for bikes superseded all that.

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