Flipkart has launched an, in-app chat service called Ping through which consumers can chat, share images and then take a shopping decision.  Ping, allows Flipkart to do all this in real time.


“Shopping is primarily a social activity and going for it with friends and family has been the norm since time immemorial. Online shopping, on the other hand, has largely remained a solo experience. ‘Ping’ aims to transform online shopping by allowing users to talk to each other real time in order to make decisions and decide on what to buy!” said Flipkart’s Chief Product Officer, Punit Soni.

Peeyush Ranjan, CTO and Head of Engineering, Flipkart said, “Ping has been optimized for efficient results even on slow 2G networks. It will also support android wearables where user can read and reply to messages from their android watches. This is happening right here in India with Indians. This is the real Make in India for you.”

Punit further said, “The unique blend of messaging and shopping is a unique and first ever experience that one can now enjoy online at Flipkart!” It is surprising to see that through all these years, none of the e-commerce biggies thought of including this feature. There are some chat applications on a few e-commerce site, but those are only restricted for users to chat with customer service executives, Flipkart has gone a step ahead in letting friends chit chat over shopping.

Ping, which was built in just nine months by a 30-member team, is currently in its beta stage of development, and will be available to customers through an invite only model in first phase . Selected users would get invites from Flipkart, and can send up to 10 invites. However, one can register on the app to enable the chat feature.

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