With the help of India’s postal department, now farmers will  be able to sell paddy, cotton, pulses or any other farm products directly to the traders online that too without spending even a single buck on transport.

The postal department is going to launch a pilot programme that seeks to help farmers sell their produce online.

Indian post will act as a mediator between the farmers and traders and would start the project initially in two locations in the country that is Andhra pradesh and Telangana .

The department will deploy postmasters in villages to collate details from farmers about their produce and upload the data online for traders to peruse and make decisions.

“While it is free for farmers, India Post will collect a nominal fee from the buyers, apart from stipulating a condition that buyers should use the services of India Post for transporting the farm commodity to the required destination,” said chief postmaster general of the circle covering the two Telugu-speaking states, BV Sudhakar.


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