Infosys has finally decided to take some concrete action to reduce the ‘bench strength’ and increase utilization rates.

It has created an Uber-like software application for its employees to apply for different projects that need workers based on their skills, just like Uber drivers pick up passengers through a mobile app.

If we compare this new app with Uber, then the employees of Infosys can be compared with drivers; and clients are the customers who need cabs immediately. Hence, just like in Uber, when the drivers (employees) fire the app, they will be able to locate which customer (client) needs their services, and depending on the location, the employee and the client would be connected.

Ravi Kumar S, the company’s global head of delivery said, “Zero Bench is a next-generation people initiative that aims to maximize the potential of our talent who are currently trained and in between projects or on bench. We want to ensure that every individual is actively contributing towards organization goals by opening up opportunities for short-duration projects,”.

The move will result in India’s second largest software exporter hiring only when it needs to, thereby also in a way keeping a check on attrition as employees are being given an opportunity to work on projects they want to.

the employees who are in bench will also get an opportunity to work in different platforms, and to gain as much experience he or she can. Hence, an employee working with dot net technology can now easily pick a work based on Java or HTML (depending on their skills set).
The human resource team will be better informed about the employees who are at bench, who are working on projects, and hence, they can initiate their hiring program in a better way.

Hence, with ‘ZERO BENCH’, an employee located in Pune need not wait for his manager’s approval to take up a new project based in Mumbai; all he needs to do is fire up the app, locate the requirement and apply for the project.

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