As a major boost to India’s “Make in India” campaign, semiconductor maker Intel has launched a maker space in its Bengaluru campus, which will enable startups to get their products off the ground quickly. The Intel India Maker Lab will offer startups and individuals access to development kits, reference boards, and hardware and software tools to develop and test ideas. The facility is seen adding momentum to the maker movement in India.

Design capability is a critical aspect for the success of these initiatives, and the Intel India Maker Lab will provide a facility to offer that support. Intel plans to support 10 startups initially. The 20 teams that were recently shortlisted for the “Innovate for Digital India Challenge” will have free access to the lab, the company said. The various categories that were part of the challenge were Education Tech, E-Governance, Healthcare Tech, Financial Tech, Agri Tech and others. The selection process for startups would be completed in October 2015. This looks like a great initiative to give the much needed boost to the growing Startup Sector in the country.

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