Everyday, there are things at home that we need someone to take care of. This might range from clogged kitchen sink, to repair of electrical wires, air conditioner, refrigerator, pest control and this list is unending.

For getting the proper fix for the problem we seek help from reliable professionals, who are skilled and knowledgeable to take care of the problems, and doesn’t cost us fortune. The recent trend in the home service industry aims at addressing this problem.


The use of booking services through the web or smartphone, is however not new. Industries like e-commerce, fashion and retail played a big role in mainstreaming online transactions while unique and innovative business models such as Uber led to the emergence of numerous mobile-based companies.

Latest trend

The on-demand services seems to be quite popular with the current generation, as they are the largest consumers of the internet services. The expectation they have is that the service providers should be reliable and professionals.

Growing trend in app usage

App adaptation has been fast growing in the wide range of industries such as e-commerce, healthcare, travel-tech, housing, banking to add some.

It was not long back that the users were reluctant in using the online services by providing their credit card numbers. Not everyone was using the apps. But the explosion of smartphone and mobile broadband in the last couple of years has led to the emergence of consumer-facing e-commerce websites, and mobile apps.

Times have eventually changed, and peoples perceptions are changing. The user acceptance level is growing and the app culture is getting a big boost.

Current challenges

The main challenge that home service providers are facing is the pricing model. There is no standardised approach towards the whole pricing model. This is sometimes challenging as the industry is in its nascent phase and it might take sometime to standardised it.

There has been a growing trend of discounts, and the companies are majorly focussed towards consumer acquisition and retentions.

Impulsive services such as plumbing, electrical and minor repairs are necessities of every homeowner. These services are already a part of our day-to-day lives and it perfectly makes sense for companies to find a way to provide these services to customers at the convenience of their fingertips.

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