Mozilla has launched Webmaker for Android, an app to empower first-time smartphone users and mobile-first Web users as active participants on the Web.

First launched as a web-based program more than three years ago, Webmaker is all about promoting the building blocks that go into making the Web what it is. As such, the Android app is designed to make it easy for anyone to create content that is accessible on any device with a browser.

Initially webmaker is available in five languages which are Bengali, Brazilian Portuguese, English and Indonesian.

“We built Webmaker after extensive research around the world, and it’s informed by hundreds of volunteers,” explained David Ascher, VP of product at the Mozilla Foundation, in a blog post. “Webmaker belongs as much to these communities as it does Mozilla.” he added.

Some of the updated features of the app include shared projects can now be viewed on any platform (mobile or desktop), and users with poor connectivity will experience better performance while offline. Also, content discovery is now location-based — you can see what others in your community are creating and remixing.

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