Social media has brought this world closer and social media platforms are playing a big role in it. The NextMash calls their solution a miniature version of LinkedIn, and says it helps you discover the exact types of people you want to connect with.


This started when Ravi Shirukar came to India after completing Master’s Degree in International Business from the London School of Business and Finance. He wanted to meet with like minded entrepreneurs from whom he could have taken guidance. However, he found that there was no platform on which he could find the kind of people he was looking for within a specified radius.

He also figured out that this was a problem of many, and thats when the idea of NextMash came to Ravi. He was joined by Chaitanya and Renu Salgarkar.

Whats its uniqueness

According to Ravi,

  • Existing platforms like, one rarely knows what kind of people are coming to a certain event.
  • These events are not vicinity-based, meaning that there are costs associated with travelling to these events, not to mention a lot of time.
  • NextMash is free for users, and on it, you can look for people you would like to meet, so you know whom you’re going to meet.
  • NextMash is based on a vicinity- and radius- based people search, there are no or lower costs associated with travel and time.

Ravi says,

“If you go to some meet-up or event, you might spend a lot of money and time, only to end up with people you actually didn’t wish to meet. NextMash can completely eliminate the frustration experienced in meeting undesired people, after paying money and wasting time,”


Like any startup, NextMash too had its set of problems. With a marketplace model, Ravi says, it is important to get a few thousand customers first, to build a database. To beat this problem, the team built email marketing campaigns, and organised events that spread the word.

NextMash now has users from over 15 countries. Its month-on-month growth has been over 33 percent.

How it all works

People are categorised on the basis of their interests, communities, and professions, and the team tries to figure out the main problems and issues among each of these categories. On the basis of this, the team organises quality NextMash events that address these issues in the vicinity.

Very soon, they will launch the next set of features. These will allow people to book appointments with the people of importance and will generate revenues.

According to research figures, social media and networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr are believed to be growing faster than Google, Yahoo or Bing.


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