FoodTalkIndia is unique community who solve dining out problems through relatable stories that people trust, stories that move people to action. Actions that can have a direct impact on brands.

Food Talk India curates a series of innovative food events at exclusive venues or restaurants across the country to bring people together to celebrate and interact over one of a kind culinary experience. Each event is hand-crafted and customized with a special theme, an innovative concept and an elaborate menu.

10370989_10152563643724363_783559685070504233_nThe community consists of diverse individuals across India and around the world. Individuals who have a large social network and are influencing their networks about what to eat, where to eat and how to eat. They are brand ambassadors-An extension of this brand.

It has raised $500,000 in seed funding from a private investor.

The investment will allow the company to launch Food Talk Plus, a hyperlocal dish discovery platform.

Food Talk India has evolved from an invite-only Facebook group to a community of food lovers that leverages technology and data science with its own technology team.It  also has signed a deal with Star to become the exclusive digital partner for MasterChef Australia season 7 in India.



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