Virtual reality (VR) was one of those things that people talked about in the same breath as sci- fi and landing on the moon and it definitely tests the frontiers of our imagination. But today, it is becoming the new reality itself.


In India, an early mover in this area is a start up called SmartVizX founded by architects Tithi and Gautam Tewari, who began by using VR technology in realty and product design. Their company has already executed projects using VR tech in design visualisation and architechture for clients in the office systems and furniture business, like Bangkok- based Rockworth and HNI Corp, the US’s second largest office furniture manufacturer, while Indian online and mobile classifieds listing portal Quikr ..

SmartVizX has already hired 6 programmers and 8 artists which make up their 14 -member team of game developers.

The company took the initiative to invest in two Oculus Rift development kits that Facebook was pre selling only to tech companies. With this, the team has already created three VR tools — Viviz for virtually immersive visualisation, Codew for collaborative design work and Archviz for architechtural visualisation.

“So you’ll be able to see, on current date, the view from your future balcony 5 years, 10 years down the line as accurately as possible,” says Ashwadh Bollini, employee number three at the startup. Bollini moved from Chennai to Delhi to join the founders and holds a masters in game technology.


With this tool, which is offline and must be customised, you can not only walk inside your future home, up the stairs, down the corridor, looking up to see the ceiling and down to see the floor and all 360 degrees around; you can also, with one click, change the floor from white marble to shining granite or natural wood, change the lights,  dress it up exactly how you want it. This really means that you can visit your dream flat before it even comes into actual existence, and ensure that the final ‘real’ flat ends up being exactly as you dreamed it

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