Uber, the global taxi booking apps newest offer is UberPitch, wherein entrepreneurs can pitch their startup ideas to a VC and mentor inside an Uber cab! This 15 minute ride would be completely free of cost. To roll out this special offer, Uber has tied up with TVF Pitchers, the incredibly popular comedy-drama TV series created for the entrepreneurial community.

The process is quite simple. Between 12 PM to 4PM, users need to fire up their Uber app, and slide to the ‘UberPitch’ view. Depending on the location, the nearest available cab will arrive with a VC inside it.

The user will have 15 minutes to ride the cab, with the VC, wherein he or she can pitch their startup ideas, take guidance and network. The cab will drop back at the starting location after 15 minutes.

Considering the uniqueness of this offer, only one person would be allowed inside the cab with the VC.

There would be no charge for this ride.

Uber’s competitor Ola is not left behind in this race of delighting customers with unique offers and experiences. For instance,  Ola has come up with an offer in association with OnePlus, wherein their customers can experience OnePlus 2 handset, and even win the handset via special contest.

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