Bengaluru-based online furniture and home décor company Urban Ladderhas upgraded its app by bringing in virtual reality feature where customers can design their home using the app.


When the founders (Ashish and Rajiv) were trying to set up their homes in Bangalore, they spent a lot of effort trying to get quality furniture and home decor. Conversations with friends gave one clear message – there is a big need for good quality, well-designed, competitively priced and dependable furniture. Indian home-makers are looking for a solution that could help them make beautiful homes, without too much hassle. Existing brands were either poor on quality and service or too highly priced.

Wondering if there could be a better solution, the founders spent close to 6 months understanding the very basics of the furniture industry and the home décor space, from the raw materials stage through the entire manufacturing process to packaging and shipping the products across India. After some intense planning, trials and discussions with the best manufacturers across India and the world, and hundreds of consumer interviews, the founders narrowed down on a solution that could get distinctive products, manufactured well at prices that consumers would find practical.

And thus was born the journey of Urban Ladder.


The app helps customers to design their homes or rooms on a real-time basis using the new tool that works on augmented reality.Augmented reality is a technology that provides a live real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory inputs such as sound, video, graphics and GPS data.

Users can choose background and flooring that best resemble their property and then select products from Urban Ladder’s collection to get an idea of what goes where before buying the goods. The images of the products can be rotated and placed anywhere in the virtual space.


The next version of the feature will allow users to share their saved designs with other customers and provide inspiration as well as get recommendations from similar spaces.

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