Wipro and Samsung Ventures have invested in US-based Vicarious. This is a robotics startup that enables computers to achieve human-level intelligence.

Vicarious, has developed algorithm that can digitally replicate the part of the human brain which controls senses, is backed by heavyweights in tech field Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon.com’s Jeff Bezos, ace investor Peter Thiel and Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher.


Vicarious also counts venture capitalist Vinod Khosla, Box CEO Aaron Levie, Swiss automation giant ABB and venture capital firm Formation 8 as investors.

Silicon Valley-based Vicarious was founded by India-born entrepreneur and researcher Dileep George along with Phoenix in 2010.

Vicarious co-founder Scott Phoenix told Bloomberg in a recent interview that both Samsung and Wipro Ventures have invested under $20 million in Vicarious. Wipro had disclosed that it made an investment in Vicarious through the $100 million corporate venture arm Wipro Ventures. However, the deal size was not disclosed.

Wipro aims to apply the startup’s artificial intelligence to automate some functions that are presently handled by engineers. Samsung is expected to introduce the Vicarious’ technology prowess to its smart devices.

Wipro’s $100-million corporate venture fund Wipro Ventures was launched in September last year to invest in startups in emerging technologies in India and the US.

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