Zenatix’ mission is to empower energy consumers with data, insights and recommendations that will drive energy savings. The solutions provided by Zenatix enables the energy consumers monitor their energy consumption pattern at various system/appliances levels, and take actions based on the recommendations driven by their energy analytics. Zenatix, an Internet of things (IoT)-based energy management startup, has raised around Rs 1.27 crore ($200k) in seed funding from Snapdeal co-founders Rohit Bansal and Kunal Bahl, Google Southeast Asia head Rajan Anandan and a clutch of other investors.

Zenatix can help large consumers of electricity reduce their energy spend. Vishal Bansal along with Rahul Bhalla and Amarjeet Singh felt that Big Data Analytics can be used for energy efficiency analysis. They felt electricity consumption has been a black boxeverywhere be it industries, offices or homes. They decided to design a solution to this problem. This solution enables energy consumers monitor their consumption pattern at various system/appliances level and take actions based on the recommendations driven by the startup’s energy analytics.

The hardware product from Zenatix consists of smart meters, temperature and humidity sensors and its proprietary controller ZSmart. The ZSmart device collects high- resolution energy-related data from smart meters that are installed at major electrical loads in a setup. These smart meters are no different from traditional electricity meters except that they have a data communicationport. The collected data is pushed to cloud servers, and thereafter, the software engine provides customers with insights in the form of visualisations, automatic control, alerts and reports.

The recent seed fundings have been a real boost for this venture. These investments were led by Rahul khanna, and the other investors include Ranjan Anandan of Google, Rohit Bansal and Kunal Bahl from Snapdeal,Rohan and Arjun Malhotra from Investopad, Sunil Kalra, Manoj Dawane from Ericsson, and Zubin Irani(ex-head of UTC, India).

This for sure is a positive approach to an important cause. This will help save a lot of energy that is wasted otherwise and will surely lead to a greener and cleaner world.



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