Are you excited by the idea of starting your own startup? You have passion, energy and enthusiasm of an entrepreneur, but one key thing is missing – a good startup idea. Don’t worry, the inspiration is all around you. And, here are the 5 tips of finding a good startup idea.


Problem solving

A great startup idea is one which solves a problem. Start searching for a problem in your own life, and look for problems that no one has addressed yet. These might be the problems that you are having yourself, such as how much you wished that that kind of product or service existed. Alternatively, look for problems that other people or companies are having.

This works best when you have experience with certain company, and can understand the gaps and the needs. Your idea can be built from the experience that you are having.

Side project

Sometimes awesome ideas comes from your side project. If you are having trouble with finding your next startup idea, start with a side project. Just sitting down and doing the brainstorming for startup ideas doesn’t work well for most.

Instead, choose a side project based on the area that interests you, and look for the problem and issues that arise while you are working. Search for a problem that needs a solution, and then find ways to solve the problem. The side projects is where you will find the foundation for an awesome startup idea.

Your business network

Some best startup ideas come when you work with others, instead of your own. Don’t work in isolation, sometimes great people have wasted their years pursuing terrible startup ideas.

Ask people who are around you for introduction to the most interesting business person they know. Another source that may inspire new business idea is LinkedIn. Look out for industry specific business groups on LinkedIn. Get familiarised  by reading some of the articles and discussions. The recurring questions or problem will give you signal towards potential business idea.

Entrepreneurs you don’t know

If you’re really serious about finding the next great startup idea, reach out to individuals beyond your own business network. Its surprising to learn how easy it is to open doors and have conversations in industry. Just ask some ‘Can you spare 30 minutes to help me understand what works well, and what doesn’t, in your industry today?’

Ideas develops as you start looking for it, feedback from these people helps you determine whether its good or not, because you are attempting to solve a real world problem.

Outside of work

Are you getting frustrated because you just can’t find that great startup idea? Stop looking for it. Sometimes you don’t find a great startup idea, the idea finds you. The ideas can be anywhere home, neighbourhood, office, mall and other different places.

Usually the best ideas are conceived with a pad of paper and pen while in a calm, isolated area. Take a pad of paper and pen while in calm, isolated area like the beach or mountains.

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