How does data transform into information? Yes, of-course by analyzing the data and getting meaningful insights from it. But how much data would be enough for this analysis – the bigger the better is the answer here !

A follow up question would be how big should bug data be? It should be  – big in Volume, big in Velocity, big in Variety and big in Veracity. Big data describes growth and availability of data, both structured and unstructured.

How does big data help, what is the use case- As we talked about in previous articles that before starting a startup you need to know what your customers want , what is the trend , what are they looking for , what have their experiences been and what you should be working on.

Not that there is demand by business for this analysis,  it becomes a market on its own. There are companies that accumulate customer data and identify what the user wants from a brand, how to increase loyalty for brand and most importantly where the customers are and how to attract them.

Enormous data is available through social media and transactions , it is coming at a unprecedented speed and in all formats like numbers, texts, emails, video, audio, stock information and financial transactions. This big data has all the potential to help companies improve their operations  and make more informed and intelligent decisions.

This is certainly trending in the Indian startup ecosystem as well . Big data helps startups enhance their market presence, retaining existing customers by understanding their preferences and suggesting up-sells. It can also  help them maintain their inventory  and monitor customer behavior on a scale that is not otherwise possible .

Here are some Big data companies that are making it big: - flytxt

FlytxtLaunched in 2008, headquartered in Netherlands, and with its corporate office in Mumbai, Flytxt provides Big Data analytics solutions for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and Mobile Enterprises across the globe. Flytxt’s proprietary Big Data Analytics solutions enables leading global Communication Service Providers and Brands to generate measurable economic value from data – by increasing sales and revenues, optimizing margins, or enhancing customer experience. - zenatix

Zenatix: Zenatix was founded by Dr. Singh co-founded Zenatix, Mr. Rahul Bhalla and Mr. Vishal Bansal in 2013. Zenatix’ mission is to empower energy consumers with data, insights and recommendations that will drive energy savings. The solutions provided by Zenatix enables the energy consumers monitor their energy consumption pattern at various system/appliances levels, and take actions based on the recommendations driven by their energy analytics. Zenatix can help large consumers of electricity reduce their energy spend. The hardware product from Zenatix consists of smart meters, temperature and humidity sensors and its proprietary controller ZSmart. These smart meters have a data communication port. The collected data is pushed to cloud servers, and thereafter, the software engine provides customers with insights in the form of visualizations, automatic control, alerts and reports. - capillary

Capillary Technologies: In year 2008, Capillary Technologies was founded by Ajay Modani, Krishna Mehra and Aneesh Reddy. It is headquartered in Bangalore.It offers loyalty, client, social consumer relationship management, back-end analytics, and multichannel campaign management solutions. Deployed across 20,000 stores it has many enterprise retailers like Pizza Hut, Puma, KFC, United Colors of Benetton, among others. Capillary combines big data with a robust, cloud-based analytics engine, to optimize the relevance and profitability of discounts and personalized offers to consumers in real time, significantly increasing both loyalty and sales - infinite analytics

Infinite Analytics : Found in In year 2012, by Akash Bhatia and Purushotam Botla, Infinite Analytics is a predictive marketing and analysis company  that deals with deep machine learning and predictive analytics and compiles and processes data from multiple sources to provide information of user behavior and a 360 degree view of the user activities to its clients. The company has built a real-time personalization platform that learns and predicts by utilizing all available data to match a customer to a product or service. It creates a complete view of every customer based on the user and catalog structured and unstructured data from online, offline and macro-trends from the web. - sigmoid analytics

Sigmoid Analytics: Founded in 2013, by  Rahul Singh, Lokesh Anand, Mayur Rustagi . The Bangalore based, Sigmoid provides  a technological infrastructure which companies can use to store their data in desired format , manipulate data into information and take informed decision.  They work on Real Time Big Data Warehousing, Streaming and ETL on Apache Spark by extracting  data from outside sources, transforming it per their needs and loading it to the target.

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