In today’s technology driven world, a blank piece of paper can be quite intimidating. Being creative and filling the paper up with original ideas is often overwhelming for entrepreneurs, which leads them to give up on their projects if that requires coming up with a new business idea.


So, if you are looking at the next big startup idea, and afraid of blank piece of paper, you’d better face your fear and fast. Paper brings spark of imagination and discover an untapped market. To start the journey, you need two things – a blank paper and a beginner’s mind. Each innovation starts with fresh thinking and putting down in the paper.

You must constantly re-invent the wheels, use the blank piece of paper to ask questions in a way you’ve never asked them without thinking about the past. Explore the unexplored opportunity which you haven’t seen yet.

A successful entrepreneur is one who is a storyteller, dreamer, thinker and a leader and pursue the impossible and unknown. So lets look at the three tips that will help you to start using black piece to its advantages.

Think about tomorrow

Lay the groundwork for tomorrow. Modesty is often seen as a virtue, but if you’re an entrepreneur, it’s a tragic flaw. What if Steve Jobs’ ambition was to simply make electronics a little bit better? He started out with only $5,000, but he also had a grand vision that he believed in. Don’t get tied in today that you don’t lay groundwork for infinite possibilities tomorrow.

Find people who match your skill set

Every startup starts with an idea, and building the business around the execution of the idea. This may create self-employment but also closes the opportunity for growth. So you need to trust others to get the work done, or you cant pull yourself away to develop new ideas, products and opportunities to grow. Hire people who can handle technical aspects, so that you can free yourself to explore, experiment and test.

Everyone working towards the same goal

The success or the failure of the startup is based on the system where all the parts contribute to it. This require co-ordination to move forward and all working towards the same goal. Foster creativity, enthusiasm and energy by clearly communicating the dream and the importance and value of each person’s contribution toward it.

“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.” – Kurt Vonnegut

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Biplab lives his life around technology and is particularly keen to explore the intersection of technology and human behaviour. Always looking for new ideas, and ways that can make things simpler. He is a geek with the flair for travel and has great passion for music and theatres.

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