Are you planning to reschedule your outing as you are expecting a package from an e-commerce site? We say Reconsider…if you ask why? We say because you have “DoorGuy” around.knowstartup_doorguy 3

E-commerce, definitely has made our life easy in ways more than one. It has given us freedom to order our stuff from wherever we want without the hassle of spending hours together hopping shopping malls. But, the pain area with regards to this is the delivery. We’ve balked at missed delivery calls, wasted hours of a perfectly good day waiting at home for that package to arrive. We’ve pled with roommates to sign for packages in our absence. Life is busy these days — you don’t have time to waste on delivery hassles, especially not when delivery’s hours often conflict with your work schedules. So, Doorguy was born.

Doorguy hand-delivers your packages when you’re actually home. They streamline the delivery process so you can receive your packages stress-free. When you create an account, you’ll receive a unique shipping address at Doorguy’s depot. You can enter this address as your own wherever you shop online. When they receive your package, they’ll notify you and let you schedule a delivery time for that same day or any day in the future. They’ll come straight to your door and hand-deliver your package.

This Gurgaon based startup founded by alumni from IIT Roorkee Anshul Garg and Sumit Badwal is essentially a package delivery scheduling service that allows users to get their online purchases (or anything else) delivered to their doorstep until midnight.

Anshul says,

“Getting the early adopters for your product is always challenging & we faced the same challenge too. But talking to potential customers at an early stage gave us lot of insights & helped us in making some crucial decisions at early stage of the game & after a point, due to uniqueness of the service, it started growing through word of mouth.”

Currently they are operational in Gurgaon, and are planning to cover NCR in near future and that will be followed by building their presence in other major cities across the country.

They are driven by the belief that the delivery process should be convenient, efficient, and reliable. Doorguy makes it all that and more — user-friendly, hand-delivered by a team of charming drivers, and punctual to the minute — for just Rs.19/package*.

Never miss another delivery!


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