Representatives of Microsoft, Google, Apple and other big companies were seen  competing with each other to attract people   during three-day World Hindi Conference in demonstrating how their apps could be downloaded quickly in Hindi from playstore of their gadgetry.




“We are promoting Hindi by our appliances,” Microsoft India Marketing Director Alok Lall said.

He said that Microsoft Technology Advisor Bill Gates had launched project ‘Bhasha’ in India in 2000 under which Hindi and Tamil languages were initially incorporated in Windows and MS Office.

Under Digital India, Lall said that his company was promoting local languages and that they had developed user friendly inscript and phonetic Hindi keyboards.

As part of Skill India, we had developed a Hindi search Engine, Bing, which is a hit, he added.

Vice Chancellor of Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication, Dr B K Kuthiala said it is for the first time that all three leading software companies, Microsoft, Google and Apple have come under one umbrella to promote Hindi.

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