Parents Concern – does that strike a chord with all the parents out there? 


Parents have always been concerned about their children no matter what culture or which part of world they belong to. There is a common string that binds parents of different cultures, nationalities and religions across different continents – their constant love for their children and the extent to which they would go to see them happy and successful in their lives. The same concern was felt by Adris Chakraborty and Animikh Sen when they decided to build the organisation called ParentsConcern.

The company has been incorporated in New York (US) with group presence in Mumbai, Dubai, London, New York and Toronto. ParentsConcern brings the only 360 degree real-time solution that addresses all of parental concerns.


With a view to expand this vision ParentsConcern hired IT industry veteran Dipanjan Purkayastha to manage and advise their businesses, including ParentsConcern, the company that produced family apps ItsMyApp and ItsMyChild, which help parents, educators and children stay in touch, safe and organized.

As per a recent press release from the company Mr Purkayastha is looking forward to consolidate the current suite of products into a single app called Lyk, to help provide a closer bond between parents and their children.

Lyk will provide users with interactive calendars and task managers to help track family and school activities, as well as help match users to providers of classes, tutorials, events and products that will help enrich the family experience. The app is due to launch in October 2015, and will be built by Manhattan Tech Ventures, a new company that Mr Purkayastha has co-founded together with Mr Chakraborty and where he will serve as the CEO. Manhattan Tech is a company that delivers AdTech solutions, including mobile apps, responsive web, social media management and analysis, cloud services and other relates digital, mobile and tech solutions from its offices in U.S, Canada, UK, Dubai and India.

“It’s an exciting time for us”, says Mr Purkayastha. “I am honoured to be joining Adris Chakraborty, an entrepreneur whom I have always admired, and am passionate about launching our first product. The Lyk app will transform the way we experience family life in the 21st century – it will help us get away from our screens and spend more time together, while taking advantage of the latest technologies.”

Mr Chakraborty added, “Dipanjan Purkayastha is one of the leading thinkers in the tech world, and we are excited that he is joining us to launch Lyk for Parents Concern, as well as contributing his expertise to Manhattan Communications and Manhattan Tech Ventures. He will help us stay ahead and continue to provide innovative tech solutions in an ever changing landscape.”


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