In a highly interactive Q&A session at Facebook Headquarters PM Modi announced that the World should be optimistic about the future of India. He validated that Science and Technology need to go hand in hand for the development of our civilisation, and India is working towards it in every possible way. While addressing the crowd he mentioned that people come to India to figure out what they want to do in life, and that is the strength of belief that people have in this nation.


He said that technology helps provide a platform for the voice of billions of people all over the world. The aspirations of people from all over the world should be taken care of through technology. Hinting to the investors and technology partners he mentioned that if people come to India with hopes and aspirations, things will shape up for sure.

PM Modi mentioned that among the biggest economies in the world India is the fastest growing economy. He mentioned that India is a $8 Trillion economy and we aim at becoming $20 Trillion in the near future. In order to attain this he mentioned that there are three major sectors that need focus:

  • Agriculture sector
  • Agri based services sector
  • Manufacturing sector

He mentioned that service sector is a very powerful sector. Not just this, India being a vast country has tourism sector as a major sector and the growth of this sector means more jobs will be created for people. He mentioned that in past few months people have started regaining the lost trust in the country, and people have started feeling proud of being associated to India.

We have tried to compile the queries raised during the Q&A session and the responses shared by PM Modi:

  • The very first question to PM Modi was asked by Mark Zuckerberg. In his question he asked PM Modi about the Importance of social media in effective governance replying to which PM Modi said that he had never imagined how social media could impact governance and that it was his curiosity that drew him towards social media. He earlier used to rely on books to understand about issues, but he found out that by using social media he could get what he wanted within a very short span of time. By relying on this powerful tool he could make up for his lack of proper education. Not only this, use of social media gave him a broader perspective of life and broadened his horizons. He felt more connected to the world and more accepted by the people around. He mentioned that one of the major gap between the government and people is that it is difficult to bond with people and understand their problems, but with the help of social media this becomes easy and you connect better. The strength of social media is that they can guide the government towards correction of their course. This will enable good governance as the government will have real time information. An active government can use the real time information in speeding up their work. He mentioned that by the use of social media diplomacy has changed from being confined to just two countries, it has become a medium of communication between the people of these countries and which broadens the reach manifolds. He concluded by saying that social media is a major catalyst for good governance.
  • In another query raised by Vir Kashyap, COO Baba Jobs, Bangalore, regarding investments towards Digital Infrastructure in order to enable people in India to get connected PM Modi replied saying, that the two major focus points for his government are:
  1. Physical Infrastructure which is of utmost importance
  2. Digital Infrastructure

He mentioned that both these need to be tackled simultaneously. He said there are 6,00,000 villages in India               and they have 250000 panchayats and his aim is to link all these through optical fibre network in the coming 5             years. He mentioned that in future the civilisations will come up around the network able areas. He mentioned             that there is no lack of funds towards this initiative

  • In a question about the ease of doing business in India, PM Modi started with an example stating that it takes a longer time to move a train in comparison to moving a scooter. And India being a huge country will need some time to rise up to the changing trends in business. He mentioned that in mere 100 days his government created bank accounts for 180 million people. He mentioned that the speed of change is tremendous. He mentioned that in order to improve the global rank in the “ease of doing business” category India is continuously working on reforms. He said that the Indian states have taken this up as a challenge and are working towards achieving success. PM Modi mentioned that there are several contributing factors that can ensure the success of make in India campaign is low cost manufacturing, skilled manpower, low material cost and biggest market. He said that due to the ease of doing business FDI from US has gone up by 87% in the last 15 months, hence, he firmly believes that “Make in India” campaign is going to be a success. He mentioned that the four Ds that work in favour of the ease of doing business in India are
  1. Democracy
  2. Demographic Dividend
  3. Demand, and
  4. De-regularisation

He said that his government is working towards freeing trade from government control and this in turn will                   provide lot of opportunities.

  • In a question raised by Dr. Ranjana Kumari, from Centre for Social Research , regarding women empowerment, PM Modi said, that women have an important role to play in Nation building. He mentioned that in order to achieve the financial goals, the females should be equal partners. He mentioned that there is huge opportunity for women in education, healthcare, etc.

This visit will surely enhance India’s image in the global arena and put India on the front foot for its Startup journey.

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