ReportBee, a Chennai based startup that provides smart report card system for schools has raised an undisclosed amount as seed funding from Indian Educational Investment Fund(IEIF).  Report bee,  was founded by and IIM Bangalore alumnus Anantharaman Mani  in 2010. Anjan T, Balaganesh S &  Vinod Kumar all IIM-B alumni are its co-founders

The company claims its usage in 151 schools across Asia and impacting 20000 students and 10000 teachers . ReportBee has also undertaken 3 data analysis projects for TamilNadu Government Education department. - reportbee

The company with its cloud based set and uses powerful data analytic, starts with understanding your school system , plugging the application into existing school process, training the teachers on this technology, capturing the data and then transforming it into visually insightful reports. - reportbeethinkingcard

ReportBee  aims at converting data into easily understandable and actionable insights with the help of power of visualization. This can be used by the schools/ educational institutions for better decision making.This includes identifying trends and patterns of a class that help teachers to focus of the neglected areas , giving actionable feedback on report cards so that students and parent just don’t see the marks but get to know what needs to be  worked upon.

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