In a major employee engagement move some of the startups like inMobi, Zerodha, Woopler, etc provide shelter for employees’ pets as well. This has come as a welcome gesture for employees in such startups who have to put in long hours at work, which means leaving pets at home alone in a lonely environment or to a pet shelter where there are chances for them to be not taken care of properly.

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InMobi allows employees to bring their pets to work as a matter of policy. At least six employees have adopted strays in the premises.
Wooplr whose 4,000 sqft office in Koramangala, Bangalore is home to two adopted strays: a three-week-old kitten Miu-Miu and a two-year-old dog Chintu. Some other companies have taken pet care to the level of CSR. Nithin Kamath, founder and CEO of on line brokerage startup Zerodha, believes that caring for strays is a part of professional responsibility. Their 30,000-sqft JP Nagar, Bangalore office has three rescued dogs – Zero, Q and Pi.

Having pets at workplace creates a familial aura. When employees play with them as they roam around, it eases tension, acts like an icebreaker and helps them warm up to other employees better. There, however, are some employees who just cannot get along with animals. But once trained, animals instantly warm up to people. We need more such companies to come forward.

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