Ever thought of a real-time visual collaboration platform for teams to build ideas together? Something that can help you get rid of the godforsaken meeting rooms and the need to be in them too? That is what Canvazify is about. It helps you track the evolution of ideas in your team . Canvazify provides digital canvas and readymade template for teams to brainstorm ideas, thoughts, questions, actions and take collaborative decisions. It can help your team to stay connected, organised and focused on results. Its visual timeline lets you retrace entire thought process as it evolved. Canvazify attempts to bring  everyone on the same page and move ahead towards productive innovation.

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This startup based out of  Pune was founded by Mr. Abhijit Mhetre in 2014. Today Canvazify is used by startup innovators, design thinkers, strategists and educators around the world.  When we asked Mhetre what the USP of their startup is, he said:

“Canvazify is created highly focused towards entrepreneurs and design thinkers. Its USP is quick-start templates like Business Model Canvas, Product Canvas, etc and its ability to trace evolution of every idea through visual journey.”

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Abhijit Mhetre wears many hats, he has 15+years of experience as a Techno-marketer and strategic consultant to fortune 500 companies and startup founders. Abhijit is passionate about collaborative innovation and is widely connected in startup ecosystem. He mentors teams at Digital India Innovation program, spearheads marketing for TiECon Pune,  and was also a co-program lead at Startup Leadership. He did his executive MBA from Boston University, School of Management in 2012.

The Canvazify team comprises of Abhijit Mhetre – Founder and CEO, Niket Puranik – Chief Technology Officer, Akshay Nahar – Chief of Business Development, Megha Mhetre –Test critic and Akshay Bhole and Pranav Gaikwad – Android Developers

Canvazify was first introduced at the PuneConnect 2014. Each year, SEAP, PuneTech, TiE, POCC, and several others organizations come together to host a startup showcase event called PuneConnect. PuneConnect invites applications and select startups to showcase their offerings to 500+ visitors. Canvazify also applied and got selected for the event and showcased their event on 8th November 2016, to an audience that also included Anand Deshpande (Persistent Systems), Nandu Kulkarni(i-Flex), Dev Khare (LightSpeed ventures), Vishwas Mahajan (TiE), Ajay Bhagwat (Renu Electronics), and Ajay Hiraskar (Dell).

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Canvazify at PuneConnect

As different people may have different thought processes ranging from free flow or organized thinking, Canvazify provides good blend of free flow thinking (Freeboard) and organized thinking (other templates). They also have an option of custom templates that are specially designed by Canvazify team per the users request. In future users might be able to create their own templates as well.

Canvazify works on desktops and laptops currently and is supported on all popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari. The future looks very promising for this cloud based SaaS product, with more than 3500 Canvases, close to 24K ideas discussed and 1.7 lacs actions tracked.  Canvazify will be launching publicly on Oct 22nd, 2015. They also have plans to bring out an Android app soon.

At present they have two pricing models – Free Ideate and Pro Innovate. Free Ideate is free of charge and allows up to 5 collaborators per canvas, along with replay, export, guest link and organization features while the Pro Innovate is charged at $3/ user/ canvas  and had additional features like unlimited collaborators, Custom templates and Email Support.

Canvazify is certainly a bright innovation for a something we spend majority of our time on, every single day. And it is innovations in such things that always have the greatest impact. So lets break free from the cliched brainstorming and Canvazify !



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