Education in India is one of the areas that hasn’t been touched by the technology. The country has seen big progress made in the areas from home services to transportation, but one that hasn’t had a significant impact is the area of education.

With the unprecedented growth in the tech startups in the country, Edutech Startups are no exception to this wave and the Edutech Startup space has also witnessed growth like never before. Be it providing tutorials, teaching in schools, corporate sector or some informal education section, the tech startups are bringing transformation in all spheres. One among the pioneers in Edutech Startup space is ConveGenius.

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ConveGenius Team

Noida based Convegenius is a mobile first, product company focused on digitizing education and making it affordable, fun and rewarding. ConveGenius co-founded by Shashank Pandey and Jairaj Bhattacharya, both alumni from IIIT Hyderabad, aims at becoming a market leader in Edutainment. The company aims to create disruption in the knowledge and digital media segment by providing affordable educational solutions for both the existing and the emerging mobile users globally.  Convegenius is a strong team of 26 members who are alumni from various colleges across India, trained in varied disciplines. The core management team comprises of alumni from various institutes of repute in India and abroad like IIIT Hyderabad, IIIT Allahabad, IIT Bombay and NTU Singapore.

ConveGenius’ product CG Slate is an affordable state-of-the-art mobile based learning ecosystem for students in the age-group of 3-12 years and packages both educational and entertainment based content on the tablets. The device packages CBSE-mapped learning content that has been carefully gamified by experts to keep the children motivated to learn on their own. This, coupled with a robust feedback mechanism and automatically generated actionable reports ensures that the device not only promotes learning, but also guarantees it. Till now, ConveGenius has engaged with numerous learning centers, NGOs and Governments through its B2B channel where it offers CG Slate on a ‘Product as a Service’ model. It has impacted 6000 children so far.

Moving ahead, they have plans for the B2C launch of this device, which would enable parents to either download their free app, or purchase the solution with the tablet and make it available for their children to study.

To cater to a larger market, ConveGenius has now launched its second product Battle of Minds, an edutainment network mobile application, that allows people of all age groups to engage and compete with users across the world. This application is a mass market edutainment platform for users of all kinds- students, working professionals, housewives etc., all through a wide range of topics. Battle of Minds also helps aspirants of several Indian and global competitive exams like UPSC, IBPS, JEE, GMAT etc. to engage on topics that specifically concern their exam,thus aiding test preparation. To make things more interesting and useful, the ecosystem is made powerful with various performance measures, informing the users of their strengths and weaknesses. Developers have also designed a rewarding system where based on these engagement metrics, an individual’s treasury is credited with virtual tokens redeemable for exclusive rewards from top brands. The team in fact plans to offer scholarships from coaching institutes and jobs from companies in the form of rewards to skilled and meritorious users of Battle of Minds by judging their performance on the platform. In just 3 months,Battle of Minds has received 35,000 sign ups and 2 Lac + sessions averaging around 1600 daily active users.

‘ConveGenius’ aims to become a market leader for Edutainment solutions in India.It is projected that there will be 650 million smartphones in India by 2018. This figure points towards a very important truth- the fact that mobile devices will reach households in India faster than good infrastructure, quality teachers and availability of educational resources. ConveGenius’ products thus aim to bring the power to learn on smartphones and tablets.

This looks like a great begining of a new era of Education meeting Entertainment and the result for sure will mark the begining of a new era.


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