iCrushiFlush is India’s fastest growing casual dating app with one of its kind in-app gamification and superior engagement tailored for each and every young Indian. iCrushiFlush was launched by Amit Vora in 2014 on Android, iOS and Web platforms, a mobile device veteran with decades of international exposure. The app enables users to either “Send a Crush” for those whom they like or “Flush Out” the rest. This expression is secretive and mutual matches happen only when both the users “Send a Crush”. Beyond this, the app also allows users to use inbuilt-app gifting to ‘break-the-ice’ and reveal their identity.


iCrushiFlush has a pan-India presence with over 60% users in Tier2/3 cities and towns, while the rest of the users come in from large metros like Mumbai, Bengaluru & Delhi. The new UI caters to both these sections of users, by combining a sophisticated and refined look & feel for the Metro users, while continuing to conform to the bold colors which has been strongly lapped up by the Tier 2/3 users. Since the launch last week, all engagement parameters have more than doubled with over 5 million daily actions.

The dating platform launches a brand new user interface to enhance its functionality. It has donned a new look for its app across all devices. The app which was launched end of last year, has been developed with the aim of making casual dating simpler and easier through very few clicks. They app has crossed over a million users and has seen over 600 million overall interactions so far and over to 800,000 mutual matches amongst nearly a million users.

Commenting on the new UI, Amit Vora, Founder and CEO of iCrushiFlush said,

“We get over 300,000 users every month and a strong segment of them are returning users. We wanted to delight their experience and ensure there is a new and refreshed look and feel for them to interact and engage on the app. Moreover, in today’s mobile application economy, apps have to constantly refresh and re-invent themselves on a periodic basis to continue to remain significant in the users’ mind-share. This was the basis of launching the new UI.”


The new UI launched last week, has incorporated the modern philosophy of material design, intuitive icons and buttons while continuing to keep intact the vibrant and youthful brand image. The main screen of the app, also known as FACES, has been given a smooth change, with profile images and the icons and buttons becoming part of a single screen image. Key features like Chat and Gift have been upgraded to make them easier and quicker to access, since they are the most used feature on the app. Overall the user undergoes a seamless, uniform and refined experience as he traverses across the various features of the application.

Earlier this year iCrushiFlush raised pre-Series A funding from IDG Ventures, which they plan to utilize to further enhance technology on the app while continuing their dominance as India’s leading Dating App.


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