Infosys is considering restructuring its human resource into more of a matrix based structure from the current model which is linear one as it look towards attracting young tech savvy employees, its chairman told ET.


Infosys chairman R Seshasayee said in an interview,

“There is already at the board level an acceptance that the conventional structure, the linear structures are no longer valid. We are still a work in progress about what it will be. I am reasonably clear that it’s going to be pretty much a matrix organisation – an orchestrated effort to deliver value in groups, a more kaleidoscopic formation versus linear formations,”

Seshasayee, who in June took over as non-executive chairman of India’s second largest software exporter, said he believes that a younger, more millennial workforce will require IT companies to change how they structure their human resources.

“Millennials share and collaborate, they are focused on self-development and they respect talent and success and not hierarchies and age. So in that context what we will do is to redesign our organisation, in which I see the role of HR manager becoming a choreographer,” Seshasayee said.

He mentioned, there were several initiatives which were under way- crowdsourcing ideas, solutions, internal collaborative tools. Infosys has had a matrix format organisation at the top level in business unit, but the new structure will extend the format throughout the organisation.

Several industry executives have said that the move to service more digital technologies will have to spur changes in how people are managed as a more creative, innovative workforce which is unlikely to stay in organisations with rigid structures.

The process change at Infosys has already in progress under its CEO Vishal Sikka. The company has relaxed the access to social media and dress code.

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