Pulp Strategy, a Delhi-based startup firm founded by Ambika Sharma, has launched a new cloud-based mobile app creation platform for iOS and Android called Instappy.

“Instappy will open up the mobile commerce market for businesses without them having to worry about – being able to “speak tech”, un-affordable costs, hidden maintenance or months of waiting before going to launch,” Ambika Sharma said.

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The company, which is targeting its products at small and medium businesses, claims that the new platform will enable users to build intuitive native apps in less than 60 minutes.

“Instappy also has a strong online mentoring program where we will help guide businesses to make the most of their app ensuring that going mobile is not a cost head but a revenue center faster in the lifecycle,” she added.

Instappy is an affordable and  intuitive tool which enables users to build fully native applications for iOS and Android instantly. The plus point being that users don’t need any coding skills. Instappy has everything you need to create amazing, fully-loaded, and original apps. Users can choose from  fully-customizable templates, or create their own to launch mobile application for smartphones and tablets.

According to the company, the platform is loaded with features that until now, were almost always exclusively available only with full-scale development effort. It equips users with a host of easy to integrate API’s, inventory management for retail apps and fully supported data integration

Instappy will follow a subscription-based model and also has customised plans for enterprises, which may need unique integrations in their apps.

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