11th Hour – A phrase that bring a gamut of feelings like anxiety, trepidation,etc to mind. And this feeling can aggravate many folds when it concerns the health and well being of people. This precisely is the situation that 11th hour Medical Services works at resolving.

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11th hour is an emergency service that makes doctor, hospital, blood search easy and an emergency caller during emergencies which will give you the possibility to live a worry free life. Even if you stay miles apart you would still be close enough to help your loved ones during emergency.

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Bangalore based 11th Hour was founded in 2015 by Aninda Basu and Arindam Bannerjee both of whom have huge IT experience with having had handled multiple roles Business Development, Delivery, Product Management, etc.

11th Hour is the solution to the Indian Healthcare Emergency Services and is currently available in Android version in play store. They are planning to launch the iOS version soon. The Mobile Application has the following features:

  1. SOS button – During emergency if someone click on the SOS button, all 3 emergency contacts will get informed about the healthcare emergency + the family doctor + 11thhour help desk.
  2. Blood search – During Emergency, user will be able to search blood (same blood group) within nearby area.
  3. Search – Will be able to search Doctors, hospitals with emergency services, ambulances, 24 Hour Pharmacy and blood bank.
  4. Upload – During emergency its very difficult to look for medical records and report etc. Using the upload section, users can keep their health related documents and download.
  5. Targeted health tips – Users will get information and tips which are as per the users health condition.
  6. Quick data for home remedy.

Within the first year the startup is planning to cover Bangalore, Mysore, Hubli, Pune and Kolkatta as their region of expansion.

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Team 11th Hour

Just pressing emergency button on your phone, will activate a whole health care emergency management system. From 11th Hour’s mobile app or website, you will be able to send messages to all matching blood group people within your area. 11th Hour’s networked Hospital, Ambulance, Diagnostics , blood banks and Pharmacy, everything starts working for you without any external dependencies as soon as you ask for the service using their app. One can search for Specialists, Blood bank, Ambulance, Matching blood group, 24 hours Pharmacy, proper diagnostic center from your phone and also show you driving maps,distance etc. without any hassle. From 11th Hour apps and website, you can store all your prescription and medical records digitally. During emergency no more looking around for documents. Everything can be downloaded from server itself. 11th Hour system is a single point contact, hence, no more stress and tension.

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