Living in a Tropical country can be taxing at times, moreso, if you are to spend long summers beating the heat. As a remedy we seek relief through various electrical appliances, that might help us ease the trouble. Though this is the only solution to the climatic conditions that we dwell in, the results are in the form of long and hefty electricity bills and huge volumes of energy being consumed. This is the problem to which Atomberg Technologies work at bringing a solution to.


Founded by Manoj Meena and Sibabrata Das in 2012, Atomberg Technology is modern hardware company which aspires to combine the attributes of energy efficiency and emerging trends like IOT to come up with smart, intelligent and connected electrical appliances that will bring hitherto unheard levels of comfort to the consumers.

The company has already established a distributor network in Gujarat, Maharashtra and West Bengal. By December, it will also have distributors in Delhi, Punjab and Haryana. So far, the initial traction has been great and they have already confirmed orders for 3000 units and have established distributors in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa and West Bengal.

At Atomberg Technologies, the aim is to bridge the massive gap that lies in the house hold appliances sector. On one hand, there are appliances which have standard features, but consume a lot of electricity in the process. On the other hand, there are energy efficient appliances which simply cannot compete with others based on parameters like design, looks, price etc. Atomberg Technologies was founded to address this gap. They aim at creating products which have the highest energy efficiency, but are also the best in each and every parameter.

The product that they have launched is named Gorilla. It is India’s most energy efficient ceiling fan, consuming just 28W, where as majority of other ceiling fans consume 75W. Using high quality super efficient BLDC motors, the technical team at Atomberg has created Gorilla. It also comes with a smart remote and currently has the highest air delivery efficiency in the market. But, while we believe that energy efficiency is important, we aim to create a next generation smart fan which can communicate with the AC, and can also be controlled by a smartphone. The development of the next version of Gorilla is already on in full swing.

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Team Atomberg Technologies

They are currently 20 member strong, and have a core team comprising of alumni from the reputed IIT-IIMs. As an organization, they are obsessed with creating value for their customers. Along with customer obsession, they also strive for excellence in every small thing they do, which ultimately helps them create the game changing products that they always aspire for.

As part of their future goals they want to completely own the energy efficient cieling fan segment. There aim is to enhance their sales figures to around 5-6 lakh units per year. They also aim at expanding this segment itself, and educate customers to switch over to energy efficient fans. There are 300 million ceiling fans being sold in India, of which the energy efficient segment is a negligible fraction.

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