Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced at an event in Mumbai that Microsoft has launced a funding for startups providing solutions for smart cities. It has finalised $120000 worth of Azure credits for the same. Azure is Microsoft’s public cloud platform.

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In a statement released by Microsoft, it was mentioned that,

Working with startup accelerators, these startups can now apply for individual access to up to $120,000 worth of Azure computing to help India’s smart cities explore options and run smart city digital pilots. Cities can also apply for access to these services and solutions through a new portal which connects startups with cities and their needs.”

In addition to the aforesaid, Microsoft has even prepared an blanket framework for groups of startups to market their exclusive products as part of the integrated solution for smart cities project which is one of the flagship projects of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Ravi Narayan, the director of Microsoft Ventures said,

“We will work together with startups, each will provide the building blocks of the solution and we will provide the cloud framework. It helps in the process that governments see us as providing the glue. So we help startups access a large market where we have relationships,”

Ravi further added that this initiative will strengthen the bridge between the governments and the startups through the projects like Smart Cities and Digital India.

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