There is a good news for the e-commerce merchants as AskmeBazaar has started an online community in order to help sellers to interact and share insights on their experience about doing business online.


It has launched a new platform wherein under its “Grow with Us” initiative, the company has launched a new portal and is also keen at engaging sellers on social media.

As per AskmeBazaar CEO Kiran Murthi,

“The community portal is a platform where sellers from across the country explain how they managed various aspects of commerce to grow their business online,”

This initiative will serve as a huge platform where sellers can share, interact, connect and gather important insights about their experience, best practices in the industry, the challenges face by them and the current trends governing the industry.

Kiran further added,

“In our interactions with small businesses, we realized that there is no platform where they can interact with each other and compare notes, share their growth stories and that is how we came up with this idea,”

The company has reached a database of 65,000 merchants currently and is adding new merchants at a pace of 500 sellers per day.

This appears to be a welcome step for a lot of investors out there, who have been waiting for the right platform all this while.

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