Someone rightly said,

Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.


This is precisely what Noida based Pustak Kosh Textbook Rentals does. Founded in 2011, Pustak Kosh is the startup created by Shachin, an MS in Computer Science from University of Illinois with software R&D and management experience of over 15 years in leading MNCs and Ruchi, an MBA from Amity University who brings in with her an industry experience in Business Development and IP Management.

Pustak Kosh provides innovative textbook rentals which save 60 to 75% cost. The textbook rental spans are tailor made to align to the actual study need. The existing solutions (e-tailers or traditional stores) provide ownership/buying based solution. This is misaligned with the temporary nature of the need. Most books in colleges/higher education are needed for small varying periods. Their solution disrupts the ownership or buying based textbook market and provides a service model more economical than any other existing solution, hence, justifying their tag line that says -“bid bye to book buy”. This is the most economical solution which innovatively aligns with study need. It is even cheaper than photocopying thus helping copyright, promoting reuse and saving paper and thus trees. Rentals are provided with all the organized benefits of organized e-commerce.



Pustak Kosh helps you order books through their portal, they additionally offer free doorstep delivery in NCR. The reading periods are adjusted as per the individual requirements of their customers. Post reading, you can return the books to Pustak Kosh and thus save money and trees both.

Pustak Kosh, currently has 3.5 years of operational experience, with an active user base of 32000 customers in 2015 alone. It has even created its market space by becoming the single leading textbook resource  in many institutions. Due to the first mover advantage that Pustak Kosh currently enjoys it has plans of expanding PAN India in near future.

This to us appears to be a great startup for all the book lovers out there. With the kind of response that they are garnering in NCR, we are hopeful that we will have them catering to the readers throughout the country very soon.

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