You thought of a new product idea? Great. You made your product perfectly according to your plans? Even better. So you are finally ready to go to the market and now it’s time for marketing. But in an age when all the brands are fighting for shortening attention span of the consumers with their marketing efforts, how do you make your marketing efforts stand out?

As a small business, the question may have crossed your mind more than once. Is there any way you can effectively reach out to your target audience and turn them into customers? Do you even have a chance of standing out when advertisement from different products keep popping in front of your users time and again? Yes it’s possible, with little help from science.


Here are 5 ways to make your marketing efforts and hence your product stand out from the crowd:

1. Use Multiple Mediums

We are better able to encode a memory into our brain when we use multiple senses at once to input it. A firm example lies in the fact that you maybe able to learn better while ‘reading and reciting’ a piece of text as compared to simply reading the text. While reciting the text you are reading, you are not just provided with a visual cue but also with an auditory cue along while making verbal efforts of speaking out the words. All these thing work together and help you in encoding the information in your brain more precisely. Hence, it is highly recommended to use different mediums together such as videos and podcasts to reach your audience.

2. Tell stories

It is in our human nature to pay attention to good stories, think of a movie that connects with you so well that you are not able to take your eyes off the screen. More and more brands are reaching out to their customers by telling stories that really connects with them. Stories and memories with strong emotional association are often remembered more clearly as if the mind took a “flash picture” of the moment, these memories are called flashbulb memories. Hence, just telling a story is not enough, if you truly want to stand out, make sure that your story invokes a strong sense of joy or fear.

3. Give rewards

Who doesn’t love a good reward? But providing rewards can be an expensive affair for a small business, hence to make sure your investment goes in the right direction there are a few things you should definitely take care of. Firstly, don’t just hand out freebies, make sure that the reward requires a significant but not too much amount of effort to be won. A good example would be asking your audience to answer a question and tweet it out to win the prize rather than just offering the prize in exchange of a tweet. Also spreading out your rewards at well-timed intervals can be highly beneficial if your budget allows.

4. Crafting the perfect marketing content

In an age when there is an abundance of content, how do you make sure that your marketing content makes the maximum impact on your audience. Simple, keep your main message in the beginning and ending of your content. This is the Serial Position effect in play which suggests that information at the beginning and ending of a list is more clearly remembered. A demonstration of this involves giving people a list of words to remember and asking them to recall the words. It has been found that words at the beginning and ending of the list are more clearly remembered because of the primacy and recency effects respectively.

5. Marketing through side projects

One of the most effective marketing method nowadays is to create a manageable side project or a small product that is really useful to your audience. Make something that will be useful to your audience on a regular basis no matter how small the need is. Want to reach out to entrepreneurs? Make a small website recommending the best books on entrepreneurship. Want to reach out to photographers? Create a small app that makes their work better even in the smallest possible way. Not only will you be reaching out to your audience effectively, you will actually have people loving you for creating something that is really useful to them. Who knows, if you are lucky enough, maybe your side project will end up becoming even bigger than your main product.


Aditya Gopal Ganguly is the founder of Brevit. Curiouity driven, foodie, and loves to experiment with different forms of storytelling ranging from videos to games.

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