Shri Ram College of Commerce or SRCC is one of the best colleges within University of Delhi. Founded in 1926 in New Delhi, it is one of the oldest and most prestigious institutes of higher learning in Commerce and Economics in India.


Even while they have a track record of 100%  placements, Shri Ram College of Commerce has set up a first-of-its-kind incubator for students to help them set up their own startups. The Delhi University college is also tweaking its policies for those students who want to work on a startup. SRCC has also take up the initiative of helping the budding startups with fundraising, giving access to the service providers and providing faculty support.

SRCC’s Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship which was set up late last month at the college is a first of its kind in the university and a student-led centre comprising the faculty, alumni and industry experts. This development comes in wake of the current growth in the number of campus incubators throughout the country.

Dr Abhay Kumar, the faculty advisor at SRCC said,

“For the last few years, we felt that many of our students were leaning towards their own projects despite placements offered by good companies. Some even joined and left many established firms to set up their own ventures. Many current students approached the college with their business ideas and wanted some kind of help. So it was the need of the hour,”

The ventures will get an opportunity to interact and receive sector-specific insights from a vast network of mentors and organisations. Following this, through their network of alumni and established angel investing firms, the college hopes to get adequate funding for incubates to take the idea forward.

This initiative will definitely boost the startup culture , both within the campus and throughout the country if we look at the broader picture.

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