Planning a road trip for the weekend, looking for a radio taxi, want to hire a car without driver or want to share a ride and save costs? If these are the concerns you face everytime you book a cab, then  TaxiVaxi is the sure-shot answer to all your questions.

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TaxiVaxi a Delhi based startup is the brainchild of Neeraj Tayal, Ankit Gupta and Vinod Kumar in the year 2015. The team has 15+ members who looks at development, marketing and tie-ups.

TaxiVaxi is India’s First market place for booking Radio Taxi, Tour Taxi, Self Drive cars and carpooling from multiple operators/ vendors on one platform. It aims to make travel easy, convenient and fun for the users. The services also include wifi cabs and a magazine for holiday plans, eating plans. The technology will bring all the players viz. users, operators, corporate, tour package operators on one website and app. Now the user can book all the rides with one login id through multiple operators/ vendors/ service providers.

The current portfolio of the startup consists of the following:


TaxiVaxi is working towards improving the efficiency and technology for all its vendors. The company is committed to streamline and automate their booking process and provide them with technology, platform and support whereby they can bring their business model online and make their presence felt to 700 million Smartphone users which is poised to go north only. The salient features that differentiate TaxiVaxi from other competitors are:

  • TaxiVaxi is the first market place to offer radio taxi, tour taxi, self drive cars and ride share on one platform.
  • The user can compare fares of radio taxi operators, check ETA and book
  • User can check the ratings or tour taxi operators, compare fare and book a long journey tour taxi with a click. TaxiVaxi works with trusted operators and intend to save a lot of time of the user to get the best option.
  • User can also check the self drive cars available in the vicinity and book a self drive immediately.
  • TaxiVaxi saves a lot of time of the user and prevents the user to carry multiple apps for booking rides.


The Future plans of this amazing startup are to be operational in 100 Indian Cities. And subsequently expand outside India. TaxiVaxi concept is not there outside India also. We want to be operational in multiple cities in US, Europe, Asia etc. and to Introduce other modes of travel viz. bikes on rent, radio-bike-taxi, shuttle etc. on the platform.

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