In the age of smartphones we have apps for almost everything from ordering grocery to booking doctors’ appointments, from beauty and wellness to home services. World has really become a global village as far as getting our affairs in order is concerned. But we sometimes feel lost among all these apps. That’s where Zootout comes in. Zootout promise to be a one stop chat based app to resolve all our queries.


Team Zootout

Zootout is a chat based mobile commerce platform with a simple vision to provide a one stop solution to the user to get things done in a fast and hassle free manner. The idea is to provide a platform to local businesses where they can easily connect with the user to drive more revenue to their business. Zootout was started with Local Commerce and services on 1st Sep, 2015 by Sukrat Ray, Pranav Singhi, Sumay Dubey and Siddharth Ray. It has reached 10000+ app downloads on Android and iPhone. The team expects to increase its base to 1 Lac users by the end of this year. Zootout currently has a team of 25 people and have partnered with local players for fulfillment of ordering and home needs enquiries and looking for a Pre Series – A funding to expand and invest in technology and set up a marketing team on ground in more 2 to 3 cities.


Based out of Indore, Zootout raised a seed fund of about 1 crore. Earlier this year from HNI’s and are looking for a pre-series A fund for further expansion. The market is flooded with apps for specific tasks, but Zootout is up to provide a single stop solution where the functionalities of numerous such apps can be accessed from a single application.


Sukrat Ray, Founder & CEO of Zootout,

“Zootout is not just a personal assistant app, it is a platform. Intelligently designed, Zootout takes the personal assistant experience a step further,”

The key features of the app are:

  • Smart search and discovery of local restaurants, cafes, salons, doctors and other businesses.
  • Chat Assistance. Promise of first response in less than a minute and help in getting things done fast.
  • Simplified ordering and query tracking.
  • Local exciting offers, Gift Cards, Reward programs and Online coupons & codes all at one place to help customers in saving their time and money.
  • Robust platform allows customizable action buttons for each user. The business can choose when and what they want to show, based on user preferences.

Zootout has also developed a powerful and efficacious marketing platform for local businesses that helps them to manage their profile, track orders, offer redemption, user conversations and even send special offers to the users who have previously interacted with them on Zootout platform.

Zootout is an app that will definitely solve the hassle by providing a one stop app for all our needs.

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