With the growth in industry and production the world looks like a global village. However, if we look closely, we will find that there stil is a gap between production and the process of making goods available for the end user. This is the point where transportation is involved,  and in most of the cases this exactly is the bottleneck that we need to overcome. Loadkaro.com ,is a startup that is working at solving and filling up this very gap.


Saurabh Jain-Founder Loadkaro.com

Noida based LoadKaro.com, founded by Saurabh Jain,a Delhi IIT Graduate who has done MS from Clarkson University in America and Parul Jain,a Lady Sriram Graduate with a Master’s in Business Information Technology from Virginia Commonwealth University in America. Loadkaro.com is an online logistics platform that facilitate dealings between a business owner and a transporter in a transparent and mutually beneficial environment. They understand how tedious and time consuming it can be to find best transporters to send truck loads and make sure that the material reaches the destination on time properly. Similarly for the transporters, truck booking agents and brokers, the task of getting truck loads from reliable customers and the assurance of payment is difficult. Loadkaro.com provides a one stop solution for all these difficulties.

Loadkaro.com works on a simple method where, a Business owner or load owner posts their truck load requirements on the online platform. This truck enquiry is viewed by multiple LoadKaro registered transporters. Transporters bid their lowest price rate for the load and can do so multiple times competing with other transporters for the same truck load.

Loadkaro.com was founded in 2015, and currently has 6 employees working as a team, in fields of sales, marketing, back operations etc. LoadKaro.com offers a chance for transporters to bid their lowest rate for a truck load which is a differentating factor compared to others in the same line of business. Loadkaro.com has also developed a new and unique feature for its users called Tatkal Truck Booking. This feature allows users to book & send their truckloads the same day. This feature further reduces time and effort required by business owners to book truck as well as gives instant booking gratification to the transporter.

When asked about these features,Saurabh Jain, founder Loadkaro.com says,

“We are proud of this unique feature which is Industry first and hence sets up apart from our competitors”

LoadKaro.com has Businesses and transporters registered from all across India currently but they don’t want to stop here, as this is just a begining for this innovative team. LoadKaro.com team is currently working on making the model more efficient and productive by adding new features and enhancements to the product currently at hand.

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